A Berklee College of Music alum, I started playing music professionally at the age of 15, playing in the bars and beer halls of Columbus, Ohio, and at various venues across Ohio campuses. As an Ohio native, I was indoctrinated early into the deep funky grooves of musical influences of the region, including The Ohio Players, Slave, Sunn, Zapp, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Lakeside, Midnight Starr, and many others.

 I've always had a great love for all styles of music, including Jazz, fusion, and Latin, and have worked to sharpen my musical skills, technique, and approaches by playing on numerous projects ranging from jazz, fusion, R&B, pop, rock, World, and country.

I currently hold down the bass chair for famed Native-American flute legend, educator, and storyteller, R. Carlos Nakai in the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet (RCNQ). Along with working with various projects locally and across the globe, I've expanded my writing and production efforts, most recently having written a tune for the RCNQ's latest project, What Lies Beyond, called, On Sunlit Wings.  

I stay busy playing, writing, producing, and collaborating with many projects and artists, and will sometimes busk to keep the creative juices flowing. I sincerely hope that you enjoy any music that I may have had a hand in. Thank you for visiting!